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Long-lasting curl and style hold defining leave-in spray. Provides volume at the roots, controls frizz, increases durability of hair styles for up to 24 hours and dries fast. Highly recommended to be used with curling iron. Elaborated with active ingredients that have bio affinity with the hair, Fluid Fix assists in the recovery of the hair’s natural structure.

Directions: Spray product on a dry section of hair. Use curling iron to create the curls.

Weight 0.64 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 8.9 in


1 review for FLUID FIX

  1. bailey johnston

    I was really impressed with the performance of Fluid Fix. Whenever I did a babyliss, the waves went away, because my hair is thin, light, and smooth. When I experimented using some product that promised to fix the curls, the hair became heavy, with a shiny and dirty look, or very hard.
    Fluid fix is the opposite. The curls made with a modeler stay firm all day, but the hair is soft, malleable and natural looking (it does not look like it has any product on it!)
    It has become my indispensable product when it comes to doing a babyliss!!

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