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Recommended for blonde, bleached and gray hair. Promotes extra hydration and neutralizes unwanted orange tones. Contains violet pigments





Weight0.60 lbs
Dimensions6.5 × 6.5 × 8.9 in


3 reviews for BLOND MASK

  1. kathryna thompson

    As soon as I started using it people would ask me what I was doing to my hair or which product I was using. That was when I realized that the product was really working! The result is super moisturized, shiny, loose, firm hair… Hair with life and beautiful color!

  2. vivian gonzalez

    Im in love, a friend recommend me de mask, she bring me a portion to try it , and a feel in love!!!!!

  3. Mariana Freitas

    Absolutely in love with this product . I feel like it has the perfect amount of violet pigments and my hair looks gorgeous after I use this mask ❤️

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