In order to provide results to complement even more the treatment performed at the salon with Infusion TRUSS, we created the Home Care version, called TRUSS Night Spa – with a light Serum formula recommended for weekly application, so the hair will remain healthy until the next visit to the salon.

100% Vegan Wax Base, Highly Moisturizing, Reconstruction,  Anti-Aging, Anti-Frizz,  Softness, Extra Shine, Protective Layer to Seal Cuticles.

Directions: at night, apply TRUSS Night Spa Serum onto length and tips of dry hair (do not apply at the roots), section by section, and massage well into hair. If necessary, remove excess moisture using a blow dryer. Let it sit overnight. In the morning, wash as usual using your favorite TRUSS Shampoo and TRUSS Conditioner or Hair Mask. WEEKLY USE.

Weight0.68 lbs
Dimensions6.5 × 6.5 × 8.9 in


2 reviews for NIGHT SPA

  1. Natalia H Gutierrez

    The hair gets very soft, silky, and shiny, porosity decreases substantially, and you feel it when you touch the hair, you know?
    And it aligns the hair a lot, it seals the cuticles well, but it did not weigh the hair down or make it look withered. The hair settles down beautifully, with lightness and balance.

  2. Andrea Barnes

    It is amazing! You can see results right after the first use!

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